Nine to Five is a office-simulation game that was made for the I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game (Again) game jam. It's my first time drawing pixel art assets for anything, ever, so I feel like I've fit the theme in that sense at least :'). 

Unfortunately, due difficulties working on it this week, I only have a nebulous, unfinished demo with half-baked game mechanics. 


> A simulation game demo where most actions run the clock, made in HTML, using Twine.

> Length: About 10 - 20 minutes.

Playing Nine to Five

Whispers is written for HTML and can be run directly from this page by clicking Run Demo


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Some good stuff. I enjoyed what's there so far, including the art. It really captures the office experience. I hope you'll finish it. The kitchen needs some plain green tea but I was glad to find all the other options!


Love all the little details in here like Xylie. Can not wait for more! Excellent work so far